Are Kylie Jenner and Shaaanxo’s eyeshadow palettes just a little too similar?


Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Kylie Jenner lip kits (seriously, our bank accounts are still recovering), Kylie released her brand new eyeshadow palette, ‘The Bronze Palette‘. The baked eyeshadow set offers 9 matte and satin finish brown-based shades. The youngest Jenner sister claims the shadows to be “long wearing” and “easy to blend,” and if they sell as well as the lip kits did, there will probably be a new Lamborghini in Kylie’s Snapchats pretty soon.

But before you go and reach for whatever is left in your checking account to get yourself one of these palettes, there may be a similar—and more affordable—option. YouTube beauty guru Shaaanxo recently launched an eyeshadow/lip palette in collaboration with BH Cosmetics, and the eyeshadows happen to look quite similar to Kylie’s first ‘Kyshadow’ palette.
Here’s how similar the two palettes really are.
The New Zealand YouTuber tweeted the above photo for comparison, but quickly claimed she had been joking about the similarities of the two palettes, apologizing once Kylie fans accused her of attacking ‘The Bronze Palette’ creator.
Kylie Jenner’s palette is for sale sporadically on for close to $50 with shipping, and Shaaanxo’s palette (which also includes 9 lipstick hues) sells for $11 plus shipping from The choice is yours.
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