19 aesthetically pleasing stationery products to make going back to school suck less

Because cute stationery makes it look like you've got your shit together


It’s August which means “back to school” is on the horizon. UGH. But worry not, as we’ve been doing some digging and found some aesthetically pleasing stationery just for you to make going back not seem all that bad…

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Available in the UK


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Make your study space look super boujee with pretty much all of this entire rose gold collection. From a phone and tablet holder to pen pots, file racks and a desk tidy, you’ll be Tumblr goals with the entire set.

Available from John Lewis for £6.00 – £15.00

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Add to that rose gold/copper chic with this incredibly useful A4 monthly planner. Jot down due dates, appointments, lessons and a to do list before ripping it all away when a new month begins. So satisfying.

Available from Kikki.k for £7.50

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This Zoella journal is perfect for jotting down all your notes in style. It looks so expensive but it’s actually pretty affordable, plus it’s got a lot of room that you’ll probably be able to fit almost all of your school year notes into it. If you love Zoe and her aesthetics so much, you could shop her entire range for back to school.

Available from FeelUnique for £15.00

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Who doesn’t love Pusheen? She’s the perfect pal to keep you company during your lessons and lectures. She’s sassy, smart and so adorable.

Available from ASOS for £7.99

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These pastel unicorn quote pencils are something that can bring a spruce of happiness to your hard working day and remind you that you were “born to sparkle”.

Available from ASOS for £4.50


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These notes are pretty AF and are as real as they get.

Available from Skinnydip London for £6.00

These highlighters are so adorable and fit the kawaii aesthetic. They’re perfect for revision and perfectly compact for on the go.

Available from ASOS for £2.00


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These beautiful butterflies represent freedom. Which is something you are one step closer to when you finish doing all the coursework you need.

Available from WH Smiths for £2.99

Available in the US

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Show (or convince) people just how busy you are with this big ass notebook, perfect for all your classes to take down notes and looking like a boss.

Available from Bando for $16.00

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Plan your week out in a layout (with suggestions from the cutest cat online) before tearing it off as a new week begins.

Available from ASOS for $10.50


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Add a pop of color to your work with these beautiful pencils in the Doodle Box, where the lid even doubles as a ruler! Graph coloring, underlining revision notes or just doodling in the back of your notebook during free period, can’t go wrong with a box of pencils.

Available from Urban Outfitters for $10.00

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How cute is this pencil case? And it has the international animal which represents students: the sloth, who reminds you about all the activities you’re going to do after school.

Available from Cotton:On for $9.99

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Keep all your work organised in these gorgeous floral folder files, perfect for handing in coursework, essays and keeping things all neat and tidy.

Available from Rifle Paper Co for $14.00

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This seashell keeps all your pens on your desk nice and in order while also giving you that sense of your home under the sea…

Available from Cotton:On for $12.99

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This has everything you need for studying – paper tapes, clips, maker stamps, gel pens, sticker sheets – it’s got it all. And it’s pretty to look at.

Available from Ban.do for $22.00

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Make this a totally fetch year by keeping all your notes (about class or people you hate, we’re not judging) in this Burn Book. Unleash your Regina George and use it as a rant outlet…

Available from Redbubble for $20.00

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Math isn’t so bad with Totoro by your side! Even the most complicated and boring subject can be a little brighter with cute equipment.

Available from Aliexpress for $3.08

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Because who doesn’t love making lists? And also, marble print is boujee and hexagons are hipster.

Available from ASOS for $13.00

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