5 signs the boy you’re talking to is a fuckboy


It’s time to get to the juicy stuff. Ladies and gays, are you questioning whether or not the boy you’re talking to could possibly be a fuckboy? I have you covered. You and I have both been caught in their web of lies before, and we know all the signs.

I’ve fallen for these tactics too many times, and I’ve learned. It’s time for me to pass my wisdom on to all of you.

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5 signs the boy you're talking to is a fuckboy 2
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If he sends you a dick pic over Snapchat while you’re out with friends or at work or whatever, this is the first sign. It’s happened to me, and oh my god, it’s horrifying. Dude, there’s a time and a place. When he sends them just because he’s horny, get rid of him.

Or if he sends you one out of the blue with the caption “Feeling horny” or some shit like that, block and delete. Better yet, reply with, “Oh my god, what’s wrong with it?” and 99% of the time he will leave you alone. You’re welcome.


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It’s one thing to send unwanted dick pics, but when he constantly begs you for nudes, no thank you. He needs to EARN them nudes. You’re already hot af, and he knows that, and he’ll do anything to see what’s underneath. He might say stuff like, “Aw babe, come on, just a peek” – so send him a picture of your arm or your foot.

Once, I sent this guy a pic of a rooster. He wanted to see a cock. Did I do it right?


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If you’ve matched with a guy on tinder and he starts the conversation with, “Hey babe” – stay cautious. This guy did the same thing to my best friend. Are you for real mate? She has a name. If you get called “babe,” he’s probably talking to multiple people.

He might even give off that infamous pickup line, “You’re a 9/10. I’m the 1 you need.” Actually no, I’m a 10. 2007 called and they want their pickup lines back. Here’s a tip boys: have an actual conversation with us. Get to know us. That means so much more.


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Somebody call the optometrist, because apparently these boys think I’m blind and can’t see through their facade. This has happened to me quite a bit, and I just laugh every single time. One minute you’ll be having a really great convo, and then the next minute (out of the blue) he messages you saying, “Come over, I’m bored.”

WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, FUCKBOY. Seriously, you fool no one. As if I’m going to waste my petrol driving to your house when I could be binge watching ‘Stranger Things‘ for the fifth time.


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If you’re talking to a guy, you’ve most likely stalked checked out his Instagram or Facebook page, right? I’ve done this on multiple occasions. And the amount of times I’ve seen him tagged in club photos with all these girls. I’m onto you.

Why? Because the fuckboy most likely goes out clubbing almost every weekend to the same club and attempts to hook up with any girls that are drunk enough to fall for him. You don’t need a boy like that in your life. I’m not saying it’s bad for him to go out clubbing all the time, but when he gets drunk and tries to hook up – while you and he are talking and are possibly getting a little serious – he probably doesn’t think you’re that important to him. Don’t take that shit.

If your man is exhibiting any of these signs… well, I’ve got some news for you.

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