13 annoying, yet relatable things about working in retail


I absolutely love working in retail. Call me crazy, but I do. Getting to talk to different people, and having fun at work is why I love it. Also experiencing the most random situations makes my day. I always come home with a story to tell. However, I’m sure you all know that working behind the registers comes with great responsibility.

1. Customers who steal

13 annoying things about working in retail 2
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This happened to me earlier this week. A woman stuffed the entire rack of headache tablets in her bag and proceeded to just walk out of the store. Seriously? This bitch should know better. It just frustrates me to no end how people can just steal. And they do it so casually? I’d be sweating really bad.


2. “This register is closed”.

When I put my closed sign up on my register, it means I’m closed. I’ve had so many people just ignore the sign and continue to dump their shopping on the belt. Ummm, are you blind? I. Am. Closed. At least have the decency to ask if the register is open. Idiots.


3. Putting money on the counter.

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Ok, listen up. If my hand is out in front of you, place the money in my hands. Do not place it on the counter. It takes so much longer and I probably hate you. It’s just common courtesy. This also applies to when customers give you change AFTER you’ve already put the amount through.


4. Customers on their phones.

13 annoying things about working in retail 4

“Hi, how are you today?” [Customer looks at me, and continues talking on the phone]. Oh, I’m terribly sorry, am I interrupting you? If you want to use your phone, go to the self-checkout. I’ve had customers look at me like I’m in the wrong. Re-educate yourself, please.


5. PDA at the registers.

13 annoying things about working in retail 5
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Ughhhh, please don’t remind me I’m single. I don’t need to see you all over each other in front of me. This isn’t Pornhub, it’s a supermarket.


6. Wandering off in the middle of a transaction.

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This literally happened to me today. This lady just ran off while I was in the middle of scanning her items. Excuse me lady, I have a queue waiting.


7. “Oh it’s not scanning. Must be free.”

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Ha. Ha. That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. I know some customers say it as a joke, but I will destroy you.


8. “The customer is always right”.

13 annoying things about working in retail 8

Oh, the amount of wrong in this statement is hilarious. Customers always think they know better. Piece of advice: read the ticket carefully because you might just make a mistake.


9. Last minute customers!

13 annoying things about working in retail 9
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I once had a couple have a $726 shop… ten minutes before closing. Keep in mind, there’s now only one register open and everyone with one or two items had to wait behind them. The struggle was so real. Who the hell even does that? I’m trying to leave on time. Yeah, not happening.


10. Customers cutting the queue.

13 annoying things about working in retail 11

So I was serving a customer with a big trolley which normally takes me about 1-2 minutes to finish. This guy with one item decided he had the right to walk around to the front kiosk to get served there. Uh okay, good luck with that.


11. The “witty” customer comments.

13 annoying things about working in retail 10
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Imagine this. It’s been flat out for the last hour and I was serving non-stop. As soon as we have a quiet moment, I take a drink of water. Cue a customer walking up to me. “Oh, you look like you’re bored.” Oh, haha good one Sharon.


12. Wanting a refund, with no receipt.

13 annoying things about working in retail 12
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People are stupid. If you have no receipt, you get store credit. Simple. So don’t complain to me because I’m not giving you cash back. There’s policies for a reason. And you’ve probably stolen those goods anyways.


13. Getting a $100 bill first thing in the morning.

13 annoying things about working in retail 13
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I HAVE NO CHANGE TO GIVE YOU. Who even pays $100 for a $2 newspaper, honestly? No.

Just FYI, I once had a customer complain about a $0.01 price difference. I just can’t.

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