The DC superheroes are about to enter into the world of YA


Four of the most infamous young adult and New York Times bestselling authors are about to take on some of the world’s most iconic superheroes!

An exciting new series has been scheduled for release in 2017, in a partnership between Random House Books for Young Readers, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC Entertainment. The new series will see four authors each putting their own unique spin on four of the most infamous comic book characters’ stories. This will see the world of graphic novels and the young adult genre collaborating, in this exciting amalgamation.

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Wonder Woman will become Leigh Bardugo’s newest alter-ego. Bardugo rose to fame with her acclaimed Grisha trilogy, which she followed up with the epic ‘Six of Crows‘ duology, set in the same world. With a knack for creating suspenseful stories and feisty females, she is sure to bring her signature sass to this female idol.

Batman is to be Marie Lu most recent saviour of the world. Lu already has some experience writing characters with a tragic backstory and a penchant for revenge with ‘Legend‘ trilogy’s protagonist, June Iparis. ‘Legend’ was the perfect blend of romance and science fiction, and brought some much-needed diversity to literature. Hopefully, her newest project will do just the same!

Superman is to be unveiled by Matt de la Peña, who won a Newbery medal for ‘Last Stop on Market Street‘. The recurring themes of racial identity, in the author’s work, mirrors that of the orphaned and adopted hero, who is to become his newest champion.

And Catwoman will be Sarah J. Maas’ to tame. Maas has already slayed 2017 with her May release of ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin‘, which is the third instalment in her series ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses‘. These ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ inspired stories prove that Maas is already practised at re-imagining something beloved into something wonderful and new.

Random House says all four novels “will embrace themes of good vs. evil, coming-of-age romance, and superheroes from unexpected places who have the determination to achieve seemingly impossible dreams.” Which is similar to the themes all four authors have already covered in their previous work.

The series is born in a time of expansion in the DC franchise. It seems they have already attempted to reach a new audience, beyond the comic book and movie realm, with Lisa Lee’s new super hero series. This follows the beloved cast of renowned super heroines throughout their years at Super Hero High.

With a slightly older target audience, this new series will ensure that all generations can enjoy a shared adoration for this formidable yet lovable cast.

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