Review: ‘What Light’ by Jay Asher


Title: What Light

Author: Jay Asher

Purchase: Available now in both the UK & US

Overall Rating: 4/5

Great For: Christmas romance lovers

Themes: YA, Romance, Contemporary, Drama


Review: Sierra’s family own a Christmas tree business down in Oregon where they plant and grow the trees, but every December they pack up their trees and move to California for the month until Christmas Day to sell all of the Christmas trees they’ve been growing for everyone. It’s a Christmas tradition and they’ve been doing it for as long as Sierra can remember. The only problem is that this year it might just be the family’s last year of doing it. Sierra’s always turned down all the boys that have asked her out whilst in California using the excuse that she’s only there for the month, so there’s basically an ‘expiration date’ for their relationship, especially all of the boys that work on the lot with her. Even if boys talk to her, they get put on out house duty by her Dad. But then…everything changes.

Enter Caleb. Sierra’s new love interest.

Caleb has a difficult past, there are rumours going around the town about him, but are they even true? Sierra doesn’t let the rumours spreading around keep her from seeing him, despite everyone’s warnings. She sees the good in Caleb, and she wants everyone else to do the same. Although she told herself she shouldn’t get involved with anyone knowing she’s going to have to leave California when Christmas Day arrives, it seems fate has a different plan for her because she doesn’t want to stay away from him, even if her parents don’t think it’s a good either. What’s wrong with a bit of a holiday fling? At least that’s what her best friend Heather tells her. As the weeks pass on, Sierra and Caleb grow closer than they ever thought they would, but the question is, can they continue with a long distance relationship?

‘What Light’ is written beautifully and the description for the characters and their surroundings helps you picture the Christmas lot and everything else so perfectly that it makes you instantly want to go and visit one and get into the Christmas spirit. It’s such a good heartwarming Christmas romantic read with the added bit of drama – but hey, what’s a Christmas to remember without a bit of drama? I thoroughly recommend you read this one if you love a bit of a heartfelt Christmas romance.

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