7 of the most memorable quotes from Tyler Oakley’s ‘Binge’


YouTube phenomenon, Tyler Oakley, released his debut book ‘Binge’ last year. In celebration of what has now become one of our all-time favorite books, we’ve listed out the very best quotes from ‘Binge’. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re going to want to.

1. “When life throws a wrench in your plans, catch it and build an IKEA bookshelf.”

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2. “Maybe we all go through life carefully constructing our profiles to say what we’re looking for, all while not saying anything that might scare people away… and after time we start to believe what we’re putting out there. Our fear of people rejecting the things that make us happy limits how much happiness we can actually find. I guess when we’re a bit more honest with ourselves and others, we might get more of what we actually desire”

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3. “Listen, your asshole is precious. It deserves to be shown love, and that’s all I’m doing. Let me live. Let your asshole live.”

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4. “I aggressively run into things, back up into things, have no depth perception, often forget which buttons and knobs do what, and am easily distracted. But enough about my sex life! Back to my driving skills!”

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5. “I was taught that being myself was not only okay, but encouraged – and by being unapologetically yourself, you thrive and inspire others to thrive.”

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6. “Over my lifetime, I’ve had an interesting relationship with poop… the rectum is a grand thing. My favorite thing about the human body is that we’re all basically donuts.”

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7. “Sure relationships include arguments, but pain is not a side-effect of love.”

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Tyler’s book ‘Binge’ is available now in multiple formats in the U.S. and the U.K.

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