The Song Rising delivers dystopia with a difference


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Title: The Song Rising (The Bone Season #3)

Author: Samantha Shannon

Purchase: Available in the UK and the US

Overall rating: 5/5

Great for: fans of futuristic, high fantasy adventures.

Themes: fantasy, high fantasy, paranormal, dystopia, young adult.

Review: This series just continues to blow me away!

Paige Mahoney thought the destruction and devastation to her world couldn’t get any worse. She thought the corruption couldn’t seep any further. She thought the debauched could be overcome. Paige Mahoney was wrong.

The immortal race of the Rephaim are playing puppets with those in authority and the flesh-eating emim have infiltrated London. Paige has won ownership of the underground clairvoyant society and now must make the segregated gangs work as one if they have any hopes of saving both themselves and the city they call home. But with their fearless leader now a wanted criminal and their former comrade now working with the corrupt government, how do they know who to trust? And what can any of them do when new technology surfaces, that seeks to eradicate those with their ethereal abilities? It is all too much for a nineteen-year-old to handle, yet destiny has chosen to place the fate of the world in Paige’s young hands.

The progression of Paige’s character from the first book to the third has been a joy to witness. As a reader, I shared in her triumphs and her setbacks. Now, three books later, my happiness whilst reading this was so entwined with the protagonist’s to what could be termed, an unhealthy degree. Her grief became my own and there was a lot of it in this book!

The sheer amount of emotion that this book conveyed displayed Shannon’s skill at creating characters that could become beloved, no matter how briefly they were mentioned. For it was not just Paige who sought my affinity. Side characters, both new and old, battled for dominion over the reader’s heart. And, in true Shannon style, it was those with the cruellest pasts and the bleakest of futures that won.

With the onslaught of emotion that this book brought, it also delivered on the action front. This book sees Paige and her motley crew (not to be confused with Motley Crue) traverse Britain in an attempt to thwart the construction of the new technology that could eliminate them. Scrapes, scuffles, and strife thwarted their quest, and each skirmish was as pulse-raising and breath-taking as the next.

The most bone-chilling was saved for the finale, however. Former villains returned and some of them were de-masked to reveal something other than what they first appeared to be. One thing remained and that was that you can never rely on Shannon to deliver the expected!

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