Reading the bonus stories in The Dark Artifices’ anniversary edition

Simon & Schuster UK published some very cool collectors' editions previously!


The first book to The Dark Artifices, Lady Midnight, was first published in March 2016. As we approach the 8th anniversary of this wonderful trilogy, we decided to read three bonus stories written by Cassandra Clare. The three bonus stories we are discussing today come from the 5th anniversary edition of The Dark Artifices published by Simon & Schuster UK.

Stars to Burn, detailing Mark and Kieran’s first kiss.
This story took place before the events in Lady Midnight and can first be found from Cassandra Clare’s tumblr. In Lady Midnight we learned about Mark and Kieran’s relationship, and how they met in the Wild Hunt. Mark, being a Shadowhunter, and Kieran, being an Unseelie Prince, make a surprising pair and Stars to Burn gives readers the chance to read how their relationship started. There is an adorable moment here about Mark counting the stars for his siblings, and Kieran understanding and honouring his little ritual. Super sweet!

Emma’s first kiss
While The Dark Artifices focuses on Emma and Julian’s relationship, Emma’s first kiss was actually shared with Cameron Ashdown. The story of this particular kiss was featured as part of Cassandra Clare’s newsletter back in 2018 and is now a bonus chapter in the anniversary edition of Lord of Shadows. At first we were sceptical about reading a bonus story about Emma and Cameron (because who cares about Cameron when there is Julian!). However, the scene is actually important as it shows Emma having to decide between the boy she just shared a kiss with, and the loyalty she has with the Blackthorns.

Kit’s letter to Jace
While we managed to find Stars to Burn and Emma’s first kiss, or at least early versions of them, online, Kit’s letter to Jace cannot be found anywhere. So let us discuss this more in-depth.

When Kit got sent to live with Jem and Tessa, we can’t help but wonder what that would be like. We met Jem and Tessa when they were young and falling in love (ahem don’t remind us of our heartbreak from Clockwork Princess) and we love them a lot. However, for Kit, they are strangers. Given Kit has suffered through a lot, we were worried that this would be too much to handle. As such, we are glad to see Kit write a super long detailed letter to Jace, who might be a relative but still ultimately a stranger to Kit.

So there you have it. The three bonus stories featured in the anniversary editions of The Dark Artifices. We can’t wait to read The Wicked Powers to get back into the Shadowhunter world.

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