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Imagine being sixteen-years-old, having over a million followers on social media platforms, and a full-time Youtube career that allows you to travel the globe. For Saffron Barker, this existence is her reality!

Since leaving school last year, Saffy B has become a soaring success story. She spends her days filming skits, challenges, and tutorials for her main channel and chronicling her behind-the-scenes life on her daily vlogging channel. She maintains an active presence on her various social medias, travels with other brands, takes part in meet-and-greets, and has her own merch range out. And somehow, in amongst this hectic schedule, she has found the time to pen her first book!

Since her split from fellow Youtuber, Jake Mitchell  (RIP #Jaffron), after his ‘alleged’ cheating with newbie to the scene, Claudia Naya, Saffron has earned herself an even more hardcore fan-base as she kept a stoic face and positive attitude in amongst all the controversy. Instead of allowing herself to become the victim of the situation, she has, instead, focused on her own mental happiness and physical well-being. Her daily vlogs have documented this growing positivity and fans have applauded her maturity.

The Saffys are hoping ‘Saffron Barker Vs. Real Life’ will spill some goss on the still ongoing drama, but Saffron has only admitted to the book being about the divide between her private personal life and her filtered online existence. Additional beauty guru tips and tricks will make up the rest of the book.

The trend of Youtubers penning books isn’t a new one, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, with a whole host of other major Youtube players declaring 2017 publication dates for their transfer into the written sphere. But, honestly? We’re here for it!

Saffron Barker Vs. Real Life: My perfectly filtered life (Sort of. But not really at all) is only available to pre-order in the UK, and is scheduled for general release on September 7th.

So, what content do you want to see in Saffron’s first book? Let us know in the comment section, down below.

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