Review: The Dress by Jane L Rosen


Title: The Dress

Author: Jane L Rosen

Purchase: Available in the U.K. and the U.S.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Great For: Picking up and putting down without losing your place, chick-lit lovers

Themes: Romance, humorous relatable scenarios

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Review: Jane L Rosen’s ‘The Dress’ is charming, witty, light-hearted and just downright delightful. The cleverly written book intertwines the stories of nine women all with one connection, the must-have dress of the season. A little black number, simple, but stunning.

We follow the story of the dress from its beginning as a design that is brought to life by 90-year-old pattern maker Morris Siegel. Morris knew the dress was special and he hoped it would make the front cover of Women’s Wear Daily, a fitting end to his career as he was about to retire.

Each character has a multi-layered story and as they unfold they drawn you in. This book is funny, sad and inspirational. Rosen’s writing immediately immerses you in the story and it’s easy to imagine you’re following the dress, women who wear it and the man who made it.

The black dress is the linchpin of this beautiful story that comes full circle, beginning to end with the same people. After the tumultuous week in the United States after the presidential election, it’s refreshing to read this contemporary fairytale set in New York City. With not just one, but multiple happy endings ‘The Dress’ is an absolute joy to read, I just need to know where I can find one.

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