May’s monochrome minimalism


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Living for this month’s reading list aesthetic! My unintentionally matched my spines make for an exciting May tbr, comprised of a heavy dose of non-fiction and an ever-present smattering of fantasy.

This month’s stats are:

  • 8 by a male author
  • 4 by a female author


  • 3 thriller
  • 3 fantasy
  • 1 romance
  • 5 non-fiction


  • 8 are a pre-2016 release
  • 1 is a 2016 release
  • 3 are a 2017 release


  • 11 are paperbacks
  • 1 are hardbacks

Naming Jack the Ripper by Russell Edwards

Available in the UK and the US

Honestly, I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the infamous murderer and need no extra reason to read more on the topic. Next month, however, I am attending a Ripper walk in London and this seemed like the perfect excuse to dive into my most recently acquired readings.


Affluenza by Oliver James

Available in the UK and (in another edition) the US

Psychological musings are always of interest to me, but this more so than many others due to the mixed responses to its content. From outrage to ardent support, James has managed to garner both, in this book. I wonder which side of the spectrum I will fall on?


The Shape of Water and The Terracotta Dog by Andrew Camilleri

Available in the UK and the US

Legit only reading these as #bookstagram has made me an utter book snob, and I hate looking at bind-ups on my shelves! If I read and enjoy these first two books in the Inspector Montalbano series I’ll re-purchase these in their singular editions and donate this bind-up to someone who will appreciate it more!


The Art Teacher by Paul Read

Available in the UK and the US

This is a Goodreads Giveaway win and I read the first half last year, in one sitting, before forgetting about it and never picking it back up, since. I have only the vaguest of recollections of what I read so I am going to reread this, in its entirety. What I do remember is that it is set in a secondary school and merged onto the dark and thrilling theme of teacher/student boundaries.


Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Available in the UK and the US

I purchased this non-fiction only last month and am excited to dive into it, after being captivated by the conversational tone, yet deep subject matters, of the first chapter, that I read whilst still in the bookstore.


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

Available in the UK and the US

I have owned this book for at least five years and it is such a renowned modern classic that it is high time I read it! I also taking part in an online discussion centring around this book, which has also spurred me to finally pick this up.


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Available in the UK and the US

Does this book need any introduction?? This is my favourite read, of all time, and one I haven’t had the time to revisit in years. I started this in the month of April, and am eager to complete it in May.


The Diary of Jack the Ripper by Shirley Harrison

Available in the UK and the US

The second Ripper-themed read of the month! #awkwardobsession


Snowflake River by Ben-Ami Eliahu

Available in the UK and the US

I know little about this apart from hearing numbered proclamations about its poetic poignancy. The synopsis reads:

“The Great Spirit – the common spirit of all humankind – is in danger. It is bleeding. And the consequences can already be felt: a strange, ominous, body-cooling phenomenon is spreading throughout the world, causing a significant decrease in people’s body temperatures.
Two youngsters, setting out to investigate, are getting caught in a worldwide, multi-dimensional adventure of a lifetime that goes deep into the infinite river of life- Snowflake River – where a terrible secret hides.”


The Grey Woods by J. Carson Rose

Available in the UK and the US

I am always hesitant about fantasies that aren’t 1,000’s of pages long, with a lengthy, attached character appendix, and sixteen death scenes per chapter (*cough cough* Game of Thrones). This sports a slew of 4 and 5-star ratings, on Goodreads, though, that are enough to appease my anxiety.


And lastly…

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah. J. Maas

Available in the UK and the US

You didn’t think this wouldn’t be making an appearance, did you? The third release in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series has been the most hyped 2017 release for many a book lover, and has probably made it on to almost every May tbr list. Even though I am still awaiting my own copy, I am living vicariously through everyone else’s online outpourings of Rhysand love, until I can get my hands on it!


And thus ends another month of exciting releases, which are a little more reserved, than previous months, but with enough bulky reads to keep me entertained.

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