Graphic Novel recommendations

10 graphic novels for those who want to speed up their reading challenge.


The Faint of Heart by Kerilynn Wilson

We cannot recommend this graphic novel enough. The Faint of Heart has an incredibly interesting premise — readers follow artist June who is the only person left with a heart; all others have given up their feelings via a medical procedure. The artwork is amazing, with the use of pencil fitting perfectly with the raw emotions of the graphic novel. Kerilynn Wilson also has great control over the colours used in the book — the graphic novel is mostly in black and white, with the exception of June. There aren’t too many words here but the story is conveyed well through the artwork. A must read.




Lore Olympus Volume Five by Rachel Smythe 

We have always recommended the Lore Olympus series so you should not be surprised that Volume 5 makes an appearance in this list. As with all other Lore Olympus titles before, the artwork by Rachel Smythe is gorgeous, and the colours used are amazing as well. We can’t get into the plot here without spoiling you but we love reading all about the other gods and goddesses here. This volume contains episodes 103 – 126 of the Webtoon original, which means there are still more than half of the series yet to be printed. Volume 6 is set to come out in May so we are beyond excited to add another copy to our growing collection.




Heartstopper Volume 5 by Alice Oseman 

After such a long wait, Alice Oseman is back with another Heartstopper volume. This is again very relatable as we see Nick and Charlie struggle with the problem that has all affected high school sweethearts — the idea of going long distance when university begins. Aside from dealing with this problem wonderfully in Volume 5 of this beloved graphic novel series, Alice Oseman also tied in other struggles that readers of her books have read about before. Alice Oseman has confirmed that there will be a Volume 6 and we definitely hope we will get to read about Nick and Charlie doing long distance, and Charlie starting university in the final book of the series.




Firebird by Sunmi 

Firebird follows Korean American Caroline who has to tutor fellow Korean American Kim on algebra, and striking a friendship along the way. We really wish that Firebird has more colours as it is currently only in black and white (aside from a few panels) and the colours on the cover are gorgeous. However, that aside, we appreciate the fact that Sunmi tackled quite a number of topics in Firebird, from gender expression, to sexuality, to relationship with parent, even if they are all a bit brief.





Project Nought by Chelsey Furedi

We can definitely see Project Nought being animated, especially as the artwork here are so vibrant and detailed. The story is strong too — following Ren who has been sent from 1996 to 2122, Project Nought tells the story of time travel. Time travelling to the future is always a tricky thing to portray because the author needs something that feels refreshing and modern, yet realistic.





Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy by Faith Erin Hicks 

This is the first time we read any works by Faith Erin Hicks and honestly we love the style so much. The artwork is in black and white, but it is very gripping and easy to follow. The story follows hockey girl Alix’s budding friendship with drama boy Ezra, as they tackle family drama, personal issues, and more. The story is wholesome even though it is slightly rushed at times, and we definitely enjoy reading how Faith Erin Hicks flips stereotypes over. Definitely check out other graphic novels by Faith Erin Hicks featured in the banner, such as One Year at Ellsmere and Friends with Boys. We love both, but especially Friends with Boys. 






Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is written by Prudence Shen and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks. As with Faith’s other graphic novels, the artwork is very easy to get into. As for the story, it follows the robotics club as it goes head to head with the cheerleaders to get the student council funding. The story is relatively simple, yet incredibly wholesome and fun to read. A light read that should get any reader out of any reading slump.





 Northranger by Rey Terciero and Bre Indigo

A very smart title — Northranger is a retelling of Northanger Abbey set in Texas. The graphic novel follows Cade who is sent to work at a ranch, and for this gay city boy, there are billions of challenges. Rey Terciero did a great job balancing the fluff with the difficult topics, and Bre Indigo helped bring the story out with the simple yet effective illustrations. The expressions on the characters are drawn particularly well. Bonus: there are many easter eggs for horror film lovers.

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