Collide author, Bal Khabra, shares her top five sports romance reads

"Since discovering sports romance books, tearing myself away from them has proven to be an impossible feat."

This post was written by Bal Khabra, author of Collide.

Since discovering sports romance books, tearing myself away from them has proven to be an impossible feat. Naturally, it was only right that I craft my own, and delve into the world of college hockey with Collide. As my friends would say: “It’s your birthright!”

Now, as a Canadian hockey romance author, it’s practically written in the snow for me to share some recommendations. But hey, let’s throw a little curveball here. While I could wax poetic about slapshots and stick handling until the cows come home (or till the Zamboni’s done its rounds?), I want to dive into a different arena—or stadium, too. As a dedicated romance reader who’s devoured over 150 books in the past year alone, I’m somewhat of a self-proclaimed romance connoisseur. For this curated list, I’ve personally selected my favorites from a range of sports to spice up your reading repertoire. So lace up, team, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the realm of romance, one sport at a time.

The Right Move – Liz Tomforde

A grumpy basketball player, and a bubbly flight attendant who just happen to need each other’s help? Sign me up! Ryan Shay has firmly planted his feet in the number one spot because of the many ways he shows his ‘quiet love’ throughout this steamy, angsty, and swoon-worthy basketball romance. You won’t want to put this one down.



The Risk – Elle Kennedy

Okay, I didn’t last very long before throwing in a hockey romance, but this one takes all the stars. I may be a little biased because Collide easily falls into the college hockey category, but I couldn’t put this one down. I’m a sucker for a strong female lead, and Brenna Jensen is one of my favorites. She knows her worth and doesn’t let any man (not even the ridiculously attractive captain of the Harvard hockey team) dictate how she lives her life. And as for Jake Connelly? Well, I’ll let him speak for himself.

Long Shot – Kennedy Ryan

If you’re in the mood for something heart-wrenching that’ll leave you absolutely gutted but also crying happy tears by the final page, this basketball romance is your ticket. Just be sure to check out the trigger warnings before diving in. Pro-tip: keep some tissues nearby.



Off Court Fix – Catheryn Carter

Can we talk about the shortage of tennis romances? This is my formal request to get more. I make it a point to read my share of indie authors, and Maxine and Crosby’s story is perfect. It’s emotional, impactful and takes you on a romantic journey through the thrilling world of professional tennis. A must-read!



Blind Side – Kandi Steiner

Football, baby! This book encompasses everything I love in a good sports romance. We’ve got the classic tropes of fake-dating, groveling and some heart-string-pulling love declarations that’ll have you rooting for Clay & Gianna. It’s an absolute touchdown.



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