White Smoke inspired playlist featuring the best spooky-pop beats

The ultimate collection of spooky-pop tunes to listen to while reading.

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Tiffany D. Jackson’s White Smoke is a YA psychological thriller that’s a modern take on the classic haunted house story. It’s filled to the brim with on-point social commentary and themes such as gentrification, criminalisation and ostracism of marijuana users whilst also touching on the topic of anxiety

Did we mention before that it’s hella creepy? If you want to get in the mood, or just have the perfect soundtrack to accompany your reading session, stick on the White Smoke-themed playlist below. 

It’s packed to the brim with creepy pop tunes, perfect for hyping you and your mates up before a scary movie or getting you freaked the F out before picking up this book. 

Have we missed your favourite creepy pop anthem? Let us know by commenting below. 

Does White Smoke sound right up your street? It’s available to buy now here

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