3 YA authors with adult debuts in 2024

While most authors stick to writing for one age group, there are also authors who write across age groups


While most authors stick to writing for one age group, there are also authors who write across age groups. Today let’s chat three YA authors with adult debuts this year. 

The Blonde Identity by Ally Carter 

Most of us grew up reading Gallagher Girls so we should all be familiar with Ally Carter’s YA novels. The Blonde Identity is a fun rom-com thriller that follows a woman who woke up with amnesia, and the only thing she had figured out is that a hot guy and a Russian gang are chasing after her. While some of the plot is too good to be true, it is nevertheless a fun and easy read that you can binge read in one go. The romance is rather instant-love, which is understandable given the short book. The only thing we wish is that The Blonde Identity could have explored more adult themes – The Blonde Identity. There might be a next book so we are excited to see how that would develop. You can check out our interview with Ally Carter here, where she chatted about writing The Blonde Identity.



Under Your Spell by Laura Wood 

We loved Laura Wood’s YA historical fiction so we were super excited to find out she is debuting her adult rom-com this year (though we must admit we were hoping for a historical fiction from her). Under Your Spell follows Clemmie who finds herself working for one of the hottest rock stars out there. Clemmie’s life is a mess and he’s a rock star, so there should be nothing between them, right? We have always enjoyed Laura Wood’s writing as the subplots are always very well-developed and the side characters also get to shine. We can’t wait to read and chat about this, which will come out in June this year. 




Dragon Rider by Taran Matharu

Taran Matharu wrote the bestselling Summoner series during Nanowrimo, and it became popular via Wattpad. He is now here with his adult fantasy trilogy, the Soulbound Saga. Readers get to enjoy an epic adventure as orphan Jai teams up with handmaiden Frida for a chance to seize his destiny as a dragon rider. There is political talk, magic system and world building in Dragon Rider and the writing is also superb. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the trilogy will lead to next. 




There might be more adult debuts by YA authors but for now — here are three that you should definitely add to your TBR list. 

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