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To celebrate this September’s release of ‘The Fever Code‘ in paperback, The Maze Runner fan accounts have been donning their creative hats! From Oscar-worthy movie trailers to Insta-created fan edits, TMR fans have been paying homage to James Dashner and his lovable cast of characters. And we, in turn, are here to celebrate them. So, here is a collection of our favourite The Maze Runner fan edits, fan accounts, and amazing artwork from across the internet.

dylanobrien on Tumblr

This is a fan site entirely dedicated to everything Dylan O’Brien. The account is packed full of edits and gifs of the actor who plays Thomas in ‘The Maze Runner’ movies.

HootCreations on Etsy

"Great we're all bloody inspired" Newt quote artwork

This company produces a wide range of hand-lettered designs, but this infamous Newt quote is by far our favourite!

@babynewtie on Instagram

This brand new fan account was created by two teenage girls from Finland and has already amassed over 100 followers in under a week, which just shows how the love for this fandom is ever growing!

elysian. on Youtube

This edit chronicles the friendship between the two fan favourites – Newt and Thomas. Doesn’t hurt that a bit of Harry Styles is added, too!

@biahoran27 on Twitter

This collage from multi-fandom account •shuck face• was made on the 250th day of the year, now known as #newtday. The fans will never forget!

dailygladers on Tumblr

The Maze Runner fan edit

This is a fan site entirely dedicated to The Maze Runner series and anything book, cast, author, or movie related can be found here.

Magicbookmarks on Etsy

The Maze Runner bookmarks

What else would you use to mark your page, whilst reading TMR series?

@pink_sakura_ on Instagram

This talented young artist produced this flawless Dylan O’Brien drawing.

Rezajeez on Youtube

This unreal video was created by German fan, Reza. This time-lapsed video shows his creation of a portrait of Thomas Brodie-Sangster, AKA Newt.

@litleabby on Twitter

This movie edit defines each of the MCs from the first series instalment and the account also features a whole host of other The Maze Runner fan edits.

‘The Maze Runner’ series by James Dashner is available in the UK and the US

‘The Fever Code’ by James Dashner is available in the UK and the US


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