Jennifer Lane chats The Black Air and 4 ways to harness your inner witch

Samhain – the Witches’ New Year – is the ideal time to start your witchcraft journey.


This post was written by Jennifer Lane, author of The Black Air.

The Witches’ New Year is here.

Halloween: it’s not just pumpkins and sour Haribo. It’s the time of year when witches and Pagans all over the Northern Hemisphere celebrate everything magical and unseen. We call this day Samhain.

I’ve been practising witchcraft since I was 12 years old and it’s been incredible to see witchcraft explode in popularity over the years. Spells, potions and local witchy meet-ups are all readily available online – things I wish I’d had back when I started out!

Why witchcraft?

Not only does witchcraft help you heal, de-stress and connect with nature in the hectic modern world, it puts you in control of your destiny. Witchcraft allows you to manifest your dreams or let go of what no longer serves you. It’s pure magic.

Samhain – the Witches’ New Year – is the ideal time to start your witchcraft journey. Here are four ways to step into your power and fall in love with witchcraft.

1. Create a sacred space

Sometimes called an ‘altar’, a sacred space is somewhere in your home or garden where you go to work magic or meditate. It’s a place of balance and calm, somewhere we go to reconnect with ourselves. It’s important to have a dedicated witchcraft space, even if it’s an upturned box you can put under your bed once you’re finished using it!

I decorate my altar with magical tools – a selenite wand, crystals, a wooden athame (or ritual dagger) and two candles to represent balance – as well as natural objects like conkers, fallen leaves (never anything straight from a living branch) and pebbles. Always remember, your altar is a place of peace: treat it well and its energy will help your magic flourish.

2. Sink into Samhain

It is the witchiest day of the year after all. Samhain (31st October) is traditionally the time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. So? It’s a night when spirits and magical beings roam freely.

Make Samhain your own by researching gods and goddesses associated with the festival (my favourite is the Welsh crone goddess Cerridwen) and think about any of your ancestors you wish to honour. You might decide to put a photo of them on your altar or leave them an offering of their favourite food.

3. Get in your element

Earth, Air, Fire, Water – we all feel a connection to at least one of the four Classical elements. I’m a Fire sort of girl myself, how about you? The elements are our direct connection with nature and if we are kind to them, we can work with the elements to reach our magical goals. For example, if I wanted to release sadness, I’d Water to wash the feeling through my body and take it away. If I was anxious, I’d ask Earth to keep me grounded and stable. Speak nicely with the elements, and see what good fortune comes your way.

4. Perform positive magic

Magic can heal us and give us a much-needed boost during the darker months of the year. Spell jars are a beautiful way to promote happiness in your life by filling a jar with herbs, crystals and positive intentions.

To make a happiness spell jar:

1. Fill a small jar with just-boiled salt water for 20 mins to cleanse it then empty out the water. Make sure the jar is completely dry.

2. Gather dried peppermint, dried dandelion heads, dried lemon balm and a small handful of Himalayan salt. Place them inside the jar.

3. Hold the open jar close to your lips and clearly state your intention behind the spell three times: “Bring me happiness, bring me light. I am happy, I am bright.” Visualise the jar glowing with yellow light in your hands.

4. Close the jar then light a yellow candle and drip wax around the edges to seal the jar fully.

5. Put the spell jar in your bag or by your front door so you are reminded of your happy intention every day.

Have a blessed Samhain and I hope you feel in touch with the witch who’s always been inside of you.

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