James Goodhand talks toxic masculinity in Man Down

James Goodhand chats about incorporating toxic masculinity and other mental health issues in his latest YA book, Man Down.

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Young Adult books have become more diverse in recent years, expanding from just having female protagonists and coming-of-age stories that talk about first crushes and kisses. Nowadays, with the readership growing, YA books often tackle heavier topics ranging from racism to mental health issues.

Penguin Platform picked Man Down by James Goodhand as their April book club selection and it is such an important story. Man Down follows Will as he slowly forgoes the comfort in shying from conflicts and begins to confront what the society has taught about being a tough man. With the #MeToo movement creating many conversations about the power of speaking up, a dialogue about toxic masculinity is long overdue.

Penguin Platform recently hosted a livestream with James Goodhand, where he discussed everything about writing about this issue from a male perspective. 

After watching the livestream, give this short quiz a try to see how much you know about James’ YA journey and his book recommendations.

Grab a copy of Man Down here if you haven’t already and check out our quiz after reading the book. You can also join our giveaway for your chance to win a signed copy of Man Down and an Instax mini 40 here.

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