Interview: The Vamps talk midnight antics and their favourite Little Mix song


The Vamps are currently on their UK Arena tour and have just released their new single, so they’re pretty busy boys. Luckily for us, we managed to grab some time with the lads to chat all things ‘Middle of the Night’ and more.

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Your new song is called ‘Middle of the Night’ – in reality, where would we find you in the middle of the night?

Where wouldn’t you find us in the middle of the night?! It depends on what time of the week I reckon. Sundays are a great night.

At the moment you’re on tour, so you probably go to bed around the middle of the night – what’s a typical tour day schedule?

Well, we don’t have to leave until 3, so we get up, go to the gym maybe, then go soundcheck, play table tennis and annoy the crew. Tell Joe he’s rubbish, blame Joe for everything. Then play the show and go out and enjoy the night or go and chill in the hotel room.

So pretty easy life on the road then?

We love life on the road. It’s quite easy because if you tire yourself out during the day, you’ve got no energy during the night and it’s all about the night on tour.

Some people find that being awake in the middle of the night leads to being alone with thoughts that are stressful – how do you cope if you’re awake so late with a lot on your mind?

So long as you get some napping in at some point, then you’re pretty sound. Then if not, we’re a four, so we’ve got each other to speak to.

If we were to call one of you in the middle of the night, who would be the most likely to answer?

Probably between me [Connor], Tris and Brad

What’s one achievement or incredible moment you lie in bed about at night and think “wow, we did that”?

Probably with like playing arenas and looking out at the people, it’s crazy that we’re influencing these thousands of people.

It’s a great achievement, to be fair! Where would your go-to place be to drive to if you were wide awake in the middle of the night?

KFC or McDonalds. Filet-O-Fish! *Boys start to drool over their orders* One with tartar sauce, one without. With a meal, a chocolate milkshake.

You’ve got us hungry now. What was it like working with Martin Jensen?

It was really good, the song was finished and was there, so we sent it to him and he put his spin on it like a flavour to it. His sound added on top of what we’ve already done and that’s how it came out.

And it came out pretty good! You’re supporting Little Mix on tour in Europe – is there any particular place you’re really looking forward to seeing?

Switzerland! We’ve never been there. We’d love to go rock climbing, there are big mountains there.

Do you have a favourite Little Mix song that’s getting you pumped for the tour?

Their new song, ‘No More Sad Songs’ featuring MGK. That’s a tune, it’s been on our iPods.

You guys are on the line up for V Festival –  is there any difference playing a festival compared to an arena show?

Definitely, even like from what songs you pick. You sort of have to win over the crowd a little bit because they aren’t always there to see you, they’re there to see a wide range of people, you’ve got to appeal to everyone.

Do you have anything special planned for your performance to appeal to the crowds?

Lots of energy, we’ve got about 5 new songs that we’ll play. We play the hits!

If you could book your dream festival line up, who would be on it and why?

It’d be different for all of us! If we could add an artist each… Linkin Park, Slipknot, Taylor Swift, The Goo Goo Dolls.

That’s a pretty diverse line up – we’d be first in line for tickets! 

You can catch The Vamps on tour right now! Tickets are available here.

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