Interview: Ben Phillips chats pranks and his new book ‘Sorry Bro’


For the past couple of years, Ben Phillips has been pranking various people purely for entertainment purposes. From the general public in Cardiff to his best friend Elliott, the 23-year-old from Bridgend, South Wales has provided us with so many LOL moments. Since becoming famous from his Vines, Ben’s pranking career has gone from strength to strength. So much so, the duo recently arrived home after travelling around the world.


Now, the internet pranking is back on UK soil, we caught up with him to ask him a few questions during the promotion for the release of his book ‘Sorry Bro‘.

You prank Elliot constantly! How did your love for pranking him start out?

I wouldn’t call it a love but when I saw Elliot’s reactions, I realised how extraordinary his anger and reactions were. I knew I couldn’t be the only one that found these absolutely hilarious and completely ludicrous at the same time.

You’ve just been touring the world (with poor Elliot being dragged along) – at what moment did you sit back and realise “I’m actually making something of myself here – this is becoming big.”

When we got to Asia! That was a surreal moment! I realised how many people actually knew and recognised us. You see the millions on the screen but it’s just a figure you don’t really think much of and almost take it for granted.

When we touched down in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Hong Kong specifically there were thousands of people coming to watch us. You get see them in person that’s something else and really special.

Elliot has been through the wars thanks to your mischief! Do you know why after all you’ve put him through, he still stays loyal to you?

Because I keep buying him beer!

Obviously, the Welsh have a few words that anyone outside the country doesn’t really understand – what’s one Welsh slang word you’d love to put in the dictionary for it to be used worldwide?

Lush, No a “Cwtch”, yeah a “cwtch” you know when you give someone a hug, a cuddle, come on, give us a cwtch.

What gave you the idea to release a book?

I wanted to give people an insight into the Ben and Elliot story in a humorous way.


In 140 characters, explain why our readers should go out and buy a copy of ‘Sorry Bro’.

You can dive into my mad world with all its great characters anytime, anywhere and without the need for your internet connection!!

You’ve been pranking for a couple of years now, how do you come up with new ones and keep them feeling fresh?

Because I’m crazy!

Your book comes complete with guides for readers to create their own prank videos, so you might have some competition. What do you think about people who are emulating what you do?

I think it’s incredible, the good thing is I get lots of people telling me they’re doing pranks and that they’re like Ben and Elliot pranks but they’re not like Ben and Elliot pranks… It’s like the pranks I do on Elliot have a style and have set a mould almost, I think it’s great people are inspired.

You’re famous for your online videos, now you’ve got a book out and have a TV project in the pipeline. Do you think there’ll be a ‘Sorry Bro’  movie in the near future?

Who knows, I’m very humbled by the opportunities that the online videos have made me which have brought about some exciting projects to come, so watch this space!

Now we’ve come up with a little game…can you remember which prank these Elliott reactions are from? Here’s the first one…

ben phillips
Image source

Tape Reaction/ Snake in the drawer

We’ll give you that one, it’s the Tape Snake video. How about this one?

ben phillips
Image source


No idea? Ok, we’ll tell you the answer to this one – it’s the ‘Pregnancy Problems’ one. The next one’s a bit easier…..

ben phillips
Image source

Tennis Ball in the balls!

Correct! Ok here’s the next one, this has got to be one of my favourites…

ben phillips
Image source

Dick Tan

Yes! Correct again. Next up

ben phillips
Image source

Popcorn Rat Trap

Haha yes, you’re on a roll now – ok last one….

ben phillips
Image source

Norman’s Cat S@t*

Cat poop problems indeed!

Ben Phillips’ book ‘Sorry Bro’ is out now! But keep your eyes peeled on our website because we’ve got an exciting giveaway coming very soon.

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