All the Alice Oseman book covers

Plus what we predict the new This Winter US cover would look like.


Alice Oseman is the highly celebrated author of Heartstopper, which everyone should have read and/or watched last year (if not, consider this the sign). She has also actually written four standalone novels and two novellas, which are not all related to characters from Heartstopper. Today we are comparing all the UK and US covers of her novels. Some of you might recognise the matching pastel version — these are the new UK editions. But did you know that there were actually older covers?



Solitaire 2014 original UK cover Solitaire New UK cover Solitaire New US cover

Solitaire was first published in the UK in 2014, with a very simple cover. After the release of I Was Born for This in 2018, all Alice Oseman’s titles got new matching pretty covers in the UK. The entire vibe of the cover has changed but the tagline “This is not a love story” is there. The book got released in the US earlier this year and Alice Oseman herself drew the cover. Hence, the cover matches the vibes of Heartstopper a lot more than the UK ones. The US edition has Tori Spring, sister of Charlie, on the cover as the 16 year old protagonist.


Nick and Charlie

Nick and Charlie original 2015 UK cover Nick and Charlie new UK cover Nick and Charlie New US edition

In the same situation as Solitaire, Nick and Charlie was originally published in the UK with a very basic cover until it got updated with the matching cover. The new UK cover features many photos that Nick and Charlie took on Nick’s disposable cameras, which is an important part of the plot. The US cover is similarly interesting. The cover actually stems from an official art, but where Charlie was originally playing Switch, he is now reading I Was Born for This. 


This Winter

This Winter original 2015 edition This Winter new UK cover

The reason why there are only two covers here is because This Winter has not actually been published in the US. It will be released in September this year and we are excited to see what Alice Oseman will draw for the cover. This Winter is set when Charlie returned home from the psychiatric ward and struggled to cope with the pressure that Christmas brings so we are imagining a cover of Charlie wearing a paper crown while being surrounded by many family members.


Radio Silence 

This is perhaps the most chaotic of them all. The original UK cover was not matching the other original ones, and the US one is not matching the other US ones. Unlike the other original UK covers that focus on simplistic clip art, the original UK cover is a close up photo of a girl.  And the US edition is from some years ago, so finger crossed that Alice Oseman will draw a new cover for the US edition soon! Given that the story focuses on Frances and Aled (yes, Aled from Heartstopper) bonding over a podcast, with Frances drawing fan arts and Aled being the voice of it, we are imagining a scene of them sitting in the bedroom surrounded by artworks and scripts.


I Was Born for This 

I Was Born for This was first published in the UK with the matching pastel cover, hence we don’t get to see any older UK edition. Both covers highlight the main characters brilliantly, namely Angel, who is the no.1 fan of The Ark, and Jimmy, the frontman of the Ark. We must admit we love the UK edition a bit more because the crowd gives a big contrast to these two characters, and we can never say no to those cheesy taglines.


Loveless UK edition Loveless new US cover

Again, Loveless was first published with the matching pastel cover, so no original cover for us to compare. The UK cover has little hearts going towards / from Georgia’s palms, which is incredibly fitting for the title. The US cover features three of the characters in the book, namely Rooney, Pip, and Georgia (and don’t worry if you don’t recognise these names! They aren’t from Heartstopper.). While we love Alice Oseman’s art style, this cover is a little spoilery in our opinion!

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