Tom Felton adds extra special chapter to Beyond The Wand

Tom Felton shares an updated version of his autobiography with an extra chapter.


Tom Felton has recently rereleased his memoir, Beyond The Wand, as a paperback with an additional chapter. The book was originally published last October, discussing all of his childhood memories from growing up on the Harry Potter set. Tom played the character of Draco Malfoy in the fictional wizard series.

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in Half-Blood Prince.

Warning – there are spoilers ahead! If you are planning on reading the book then please don’t read on any further.

Beyond The Wand features many unheard stories that Harry Potter fans will absolutely love. Tom talks about his relationships with his co-stars and his personal childhood memories. He also delves deep into talking about his mental health, encouraging readers to open up about their own.

That leads kind of onto this new extra chapter that has been included in the rerelease of his book. The Lost Chapter begins with a snippet of Tom’s original song Loster and then it goes straight into him talking about feeling lost when he first moved to LA. He discusses times when he has been mistaken for other celebrities before then talks about how it took him a while to adjust to people asking about him and his family, remembering how personal his autobiography is.

In the extra chapter, Tom reflects on how writing the book was almost like a form of therapy and he didn’t realise how it would also help and impact the readers. He went on to talk about how grateful he is and how he better understands the importance of his platform. To close the chapter and end the book, he sweetly finishes by talking lovingly about his grandfather, and how this is only the beginning of his career.

Beyond The Wand is almost like listening to an old friend reminisce, Tom Felton has written an outstanding book that is an absolute must-read for any Harry Potter fan. The Lost Chapter is no different and is a beautiful closing chapter. You can order the newest edition here.

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