The Grown-Ass Women’s Club: Be Awesome. Earn Badges


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Title: The Grown-Ass Women’s Club

Author: Meredith Haggerty

Purchase: Available in the UK and the US

Overall rating: 5/5

Great for: Every single woman alive.

Themes: Journal, diary and artwork.

The Grown-Ass Women's Club by Meredith Haggerty

Review: This might be the perfect gift for a stationery lover such as myself. ‘The Grown-Ass Women’s Club’ is a witty and humorous journal with the aim of empowering every female who reads it. Not only does this come in the perfect size for carrying around, a handy elastic band to keep your secrets secure, and with the most adorable cover illustrations, but it is pretty darn handy, too! This is a journal that will appeal to aesthetic bullet journallers and extensive diary scrawlers alike. Full of brightly-coloured spreads and easy to achieve goals, this is both a mindful and practical addition to your stationery drawer. The aim is to reward yourself for achieving both the little and large trials in life.

From cracking the glass ceiling at work to being cool about Valentine’s Day, achievement takes the form of 60 clever merit badges, each with a humorous description, colorful illustrated icon, and sticker to match. With plenty of blank space for women to wax poetic about their success, this journal will encourage and amuse in equal measure.

The Grown-Ass Women's Club by Meredith Haggerty

This makes achieving fun again. No-one gives you a gold star and a pat on the back when you’re on your period, made it to work at 7am, crammed a 45-minute spin class in on your dinner-hour. But now you can reward yourself. What better way to do so than with stickers!

The Grown-Ass Women's Club by Meredith Haggerty

This is a colourful and fun way to remind yourself that self-care is important and viewing yourself with kind eyes should be a given, whatever your age and no matter the size of the achievement. Just by still being here, you’re killing it! So brighten up the toughest days with these mini rewards that will be sure to make you smile.

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