Picking a book boyfriend from Lynn Painter YA rom-coms

Nothing Like the Movies is out this fall.


Over the break, we decided to binge read three YA rom-coms by Lynn Painter and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We loved them all and all the male leads are swoon-worthy but let’s discuss who our newest book boyfriend is. Note: this post might contain mild spoilers.

Betting on You
Betting on You follows Bailey and Charlie who are coworkers, until they started fake dating and feelings happened. With the dual POV, readers get to read Charlie’s inner dialogue so we definitely get to know Charlie the best among these three. While Charlie’s love for cats is absolutely adorable and he is very sweet to Bailey as she navigates her parents’ divorce, we can’t help but be annoyed by his reluctance to admit his feelings. After all, yes, feelings can be scary but that doesn’t mean he could CHANGE HIS SHIFT to avoid dealing with them?! Book boyfriend rating: 8.5/10

Better than the Movies
Libby and Wes are neighbours whose only interaction is their constant fight over the one parking spot. But then they started hanging out because Libby enlisted Wes’ help to get with her crush. We absolutely adore Wes because he went all out — even buying Libby white Chucks! And even when Libby and Wes fell out, Wes was still a respectful guy and straight up told Libby that he doesn’t want to play any games. Do we wish the communication between Libby and Wes was better? Yes but it was partly because of the difficult circumstance. Book boyfriend rating: 9.5/10

The Do-Overs
Emilie is stuck in an awful timeloop on Valentine’s Day where she has to witness being cheated on. On top of that, she kept crashing her car into her lab partner Nick. It’s difficult to rate Nick since he obviously forgets meeting Emilie every time. Their one epic date was indeed epic but again, we are annoyed that he was willing to pretend nothing happened afterwards. Even though he found a wholesome way to redeem himself, we are still slightly mad about him. Book boyfriend rating: 8/10

After reading, we found out that Lynn Painter’s page has several bonus chapters, which give readers a chance to read scenes from Wes’ POV, among others. We are also beyond excited to read Better than the Movies’ sequel, Nothing Like the Movies, this fall.

Nothing Like the Movies by Lynn Painter is out this September (Simon & Schuster UK).
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