Louise Pentland becomes a Sunday Times best selling author with ‘Wilde Like Me’


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Congratulations are in order for Miss Louise Pentland as her debut novel ‘Wilde Like Me’ has been announced as a Sunday Times No.1 Best Seller.

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The mummy-to-be’s book dropped last week and will be number one in this week’s Sunday Times’ chart, which is incredible news!

‘Wilde Like Me’ tells the story of Robin Wilde, a single mum whose life seems to be great from the outside but sometimes feels a bit lonely and grey within. After four years of single motherhood, Robin Wilde decides to change her life forever thanks to a bit of courage, creativity, and the wonderful women that surround her, thus embarking on quite the adventure.

There’s been nothing but praise for Louise’s book, with Giovanna Fletcher saying calling it “funny, heartfelt, tender and empowering,” while Style magazine believes it’s “hilarious, moving and extremely well written.”

We’re excited to see what’s next for Louise and Robin Wilde!

‘Wilde Like Me’ is available in the UK & US now.

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