19-year-old makeup artist Lottie Tomlinson announces her first book Rainbow Roots

It's going to be your Instagram aesthetic bible


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Lottie Tomlinson’s name first became known to us, of course, through her brother, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame. But now we know her as one of our favorite people to follow on Instagram (all 3.3 million of us), Lou Teasdale’s mentee, and celebrity makeup artist on the rise. On October 2nd, she’ll be joining our libraries with the release of her very own book, ‘Rainbow Roots’.


Speaking to Miss Vogue UK, Lottie says, “It feels really good to have a product that completely represents me and my style. Everything about it reflects me and my personality and I think it’s really cool that the publishers gave me so much free rein in order to achieve that.”

In the first glance of the book Lottie shared on Instagram, you can see that it features a silver holographic cover and inner pages loaded with bright photos. There are so many different makeup looks in the book that Lottie says she actually suffered from sore eyes when they tried to shoot them all.

The back cover reads, “Stand out in your selfies! Meet Lottie Tomlinson, makeup vlogger and social media sensation, and her multi-colored guide to makeup. Follow the rainbow and get inspired by Lottie’s #makeupbyme looks.” Bonus: It even includes stickers!


In a special note, Lottie dedicates ‘Rainbow Roots’ to her mother Johanna, who passed away at the end of 2016. Lou Teasdale revealed recently that it was actually Johanna who approached her about taking Lottie on as a mentee at first, when Lou was grooming the One Direction boys. “I wouldn’t be where I am without [my mum], she was so excited about this book,” Lottie says. “I hope I’ve made her proud.”

Pre-order ‘Rainbow Roots’ in the US and the UK now.

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