February Reading Wrap Up: My Escape Into YA


How have we already completed the second month of the year!? I know how I spent mine, though. Reading. Lots.

Check out the 24 reads I managed to complete this month:

  • 8 by a male author
  • 16 by a female author


  • 3 thriller
  • 4 science fiction
  • 7 fantasy
  • 5 contemporary
  • 2 historical fiction
  • 3 non-fiction


  • 9 are a pre-2016 release
  • 6 are a 2016 release
  • 9 are a 2017 release


  • 14 are ebooks
  • 10 are paperbacks


  • 0 one star
  • 2 two stars
  • 10 three stars
  • 8 four stars
  • 4 five stars



‘Future Humans’ by Scott Solomon

Available in the UK and the US

4/5 stars. Read February 2nd.

Read my full review here.

An interesting little read for any self-proclaimed science nerds, such as myself. This relates to our species’ stalled natural selection, how we still continue to develop despite this, and the possible future ways we could evolve differently. Thought-provoking stuff!





‘The Tailor’, ‘Siege and Storm’, ‘Little Knife’, ‘The Too-Clever Fox’ and ‘Ruin and Rising’ by Leigh Bardugo

‘The Tailor’ can be found online here.

‘Little Knife’ can be found online here:

‘The Too-Clever Fox’ can be found online here.

‘Siege and Storm’ and ‘Ruin and Rising’ are available in the UK here and here and the US here and here.

Average series rating: 3/5 stars. Read between January 3rd and 7th.

Read my full reviews here (‘The Tailor), here (‘Siege and Storm), here (‘The Too-Clever Fox’), here (‘Little Knife’) and here (‘Ruin and Rising’).

I started the much beloved ‘Grisha’ series and can finally say I know what all the hype is about! The first short story and full-length novel fell a bit flat, for me, but the series went from strength to thrilling strength from then on. The setting of historical Russia combined with the peculiar magic system was a compelling combination. I am excited to continue on with the Six of Crows duology by the author, set in the same world.


‘Wayfarer’ by Alexandra Bracken Wayfarer

Available in the UK and the US

5/5 stars. Read January 6th

Read my full review here.

This is the second release in the Passenger duology and probably topped my list for most anticipated 2017 releases. I am delighted that it lived up to both the hype and my own expectations, based from the stellar first instalment of the series. This is a complex read where the strings of time are stretched and overlapped and yet tightly bind the story together. With a believable long-distance romance and a diverse set of characters, there is literally nothing to dislike!


‘Antisocial’ by Jillian Blake 

Available from May 16th in the UK and the US

3/5 stars. Read January 8th

Read my full review here.

When I received the email claiming I my request for a digital pre-release copy of this had been accepted, I immediately dropped everything and dive right into it. This was described as “Pretty Little Liars meets WikiLeaks” and it delivered just that! It ended up not being as thrilling as I had anticipated but was still a fast-paced, one-sitting book.


‘Memory Book’ by Lara Avery 

Available in the UK and the US

3.5/5 stars. Read January 11th

Read my full review here

‘Cos you gotta sneak some contemporary in there somewhere, right? I was looking for a quick, ‘fluffy’ read when I picked this up and it proved to be anything but that! This dealt with the issues of mortality, identity, peer acceptance and first love in the most heart-wrenching of ways.


‘The New World’, ‘The Wide Wide Sea’ and ‘Snowscape’ by Patrick Ness


The New World is available here.

The Wide, Wide Sea is available here.

Snowscape is available here.

Average series rating: 4/5 stars. Read between January 13th and 15th

Read my full reviews here (‘The New World’), here (‘The Wide, Wide Sea’) and here (‘Snowscape’).

These three short stories accompany the ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy by bestselling author, Patrick Ness. Whilst not as good as the original series, these were interesting additions and expanded this phenomenal, dystopian world.


‘The Traveler’s Guide to Space’ by Neil F. Comins 

Available in the UK and the US

2/5 stars. Read January 15th

Read my full review here

This was an interesting enough book, but more suited to an individual studying the subject matter than an amateur with a passing interest.




‘The Bombs that Brought Us Together’ by Brian Conaghan

Available in the UK and the US

3/5 stars. Read January 16th.

Read my full review here

Dystopia with a difference. When Little Town, home of fourteen-year-old Hamish Law, falls into decline and degradation Hamish knows he must do everything in his power to piece his former life back together. Even if it means taking the life of another…


‘The Pearl Thief’ by Elizabeth Wein 

Available in the UK and (In another edition) the US

4/5 stars. Read January 16th

Read my full review here

Bestselling author of Code Name Verity is back with a prequel to her much beloved coming-of-age series. Follow fifteen-year-old Julia Beaufort-Stuart as she pieces together the memories of her mysterious ‘accident’ in this historical fiction with a thrilling twist. Despite never having read the author’s previous release I am eager to continue with the series over the coming months.



‘Into the Light’ and ‘Away From the Dark’ by Aleatha Romig

Available in the UK here and here and the US here and here

Average series rating 4/5 stars. Read between January 16th and 23rd

Read my full reviews here and here

When bestselling author, Aleatha Romig, released this thrilling duology last year I knew I needed to get my hands on it. This chilling insight into cult culture had me hooked from start to end.


‘Countless’ by Karen Gregory 

Available in the UK and the US

3.5/5 stars. Read January 17th

This is a very real and very raw portrayal of a very real issue. It battles mental health, family dynamics, social stigmas and self-image in one poignant story. Nothing is romanticised or sugar-coated and Gregory, instead, simply delivers one of the most poignant and painful reads I have ever experienced.



‘Stein on Writing’ by Sol Stein

Available in the UK and the US

5/5 stars. Read January 22nd

Read my full review here

I started reading this Autumn last year and have been devouring it in short chunks, ever since. This is of invaluable help to my own fiction writing and will (fingers crossed) make me a better storyteller.




‘Vengeance of a Storm’ by Anthony Lavisher

Available in the UK and the US

5/5 stars. Read January 23rd

Read my full review here

I read the first instalment to this high fantasy adventure in December and the second in January. Both received five stars and became my favourite reads of the month. I am glad this has followed in its predecessors footsteps. Undoubtedly my new, favourite, high-fantasy series.


‘House of Silence’ by Sarah Barthel

Available in the UK and the US

3/5 stars. Read January 26th

I haven’t heard too much about this 2016 release historical fiction, but when I read the words ‘horrific crime’, ‘feigns a mental breakdown’ and ‘husband’s assassination’ in the synopsis, I knew I had to get this! It was full of strong female characters destroying gender boundaries and building emotional friendships and yet I still felt like it was lacking something…



‘Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee’ by Mary G. Thompson

Available in the UK and the US

3.5/5 stars. Read January 26th

Read my full review here

Two girls went missing and only one came back. But the girl who returned is not the same one who disappeared. This young adult thriller was horrific and horrifying!



‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas

Available in the UK and the US

5/5 stars. Read January 26th

Read my full review here

If you only read one book this year, I encourage it to be this one. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement this story is emotional, inspiring and educational.


‘Letters to the Lost’ by Brigid Kemmerer 

Available in the UK and the US

3/5 stars. Read January 27th

Grief comes in many forms, and all of them are covered in this hard-hitting contemporary. There is also a sweet, teenage romance thrown in for good measure.




So, February turned out to be another successful reading month with 24 books read and only two rated below a 3 stars. What topped your tbr list this month? Let us know, down below!

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