Pixiwoo’s ‘Face’ is the perfect stocking filler for makeup addicts


Sam and Nic Chapman began their YouTube channel, Pixiwoo 8 years ago as a way to educate women and men of all ages in the art of makeup. Pixiwoo’s channel now has over 2 million subscribers, they’ve created their own line of brushes, Real Techniques and compiled their extensive knowledge into one book, ‘Face’.


This beautiful book includes advice, techniques, fully illustrated photos and top tips for your skin, brows, eyes, lashes and lips. There are easy-to-follow guides and recommendations for the ideal tools used to create the perfect look. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, an aspiring makeup artist or are simply looking to try something new, Pixiwoo’s ‘Face’ is the perfect book.

We caught up with Sam and Nic during their hectic promotional day for ‘Face’ to find out their inspiration for the book and which product they couldn’t live without.

Did you always love make up and beauty products growing up or did that come later?

Sam: Our aunt was a make up artist so while we were growing up she was always working with famous people. She was always given loads of really good makeup and would bring it round to our house in a big box and we got to go through it! It became the obvious choice of career for us to go into.

Nic: And funnily enough we do that now with our cousins, take them products and encourage their interests. One of our cousins is getting into hairdressing, which is great.

Who’s been your favourite person to make up?

Nic: My favourite people to make up are those that have suffered with cancer or illness because you’re helping them, whether it’s teaching them how to draw their brows back in or blusher to give more colour.

Sam: That’s definitely nice. In terms of the beauty industry, I’ve worked with a couple of Victoria’s Secrets models who were just divine to work on. Isabeli Fontani the Brazilian supermodel is a really lovely girl with a perfect face

Nic: Those are the people you barely need to do anything too. Powder, brush their brows through. No effort.

Why did you decide to do a book on make up now?

Nic: It’s taken us two years to get the book together. We had to wait until there was enough time to focus on it. Previously, we’ve had to concentrate on being the face of Real Techniques (brushes) and our brand.

Sam: We honestly didn’t realise how much effort goes into making a book. It’s a really hard process and to get it exactly how we wanted it took time. But the lovely thing about it is that we have a book that we both really love and are passionate about. We wanted it to be perfect and now it is.

Nic: We’re probably the only two people that see things in each other’s eyes as well so it was a collaborative partnership between us, the publishers and the designers and photographers involved.

What’s your favourite book?

Sam:   ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind. I also really liked Marianne Faithful’s autobiography ‘Faithfull’.

Nic:     I’m really trying to get Harry into Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’. It was one of my favourite books growing up, and I’m reading him the copy that has my name written in the front, from when I was a kid.

If you could only take one make up item to a desert island what would it be?

Both: Mascara.


Pixiwoo’s ‘Face’ is available to buy in the UK and the US now.

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