You could be meeting The SacconeJolys on their book tour

They're heading to England, Ireland and Wales.


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The SacconneJolys aren’t just the most adorable family on the Internet. Like many others, they’re about to add another string to their bow, by becoming best-selling authors. Their debut book release for ‘The SacconneJolys And The Greatest Cat-Nap’ will see the family touring across the UK meeting fans and signing copies.

SacconneJolys book tour
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The book sees six Maltese puppies on a mission to be the Best. Dogs. Ever! Inspired by the real-life SACCONEJOLY family, this picture book is packed full of fun, adventure, and mischief. Emilia wants something that only a girl with six dogs would want – a cat! Her six dogs make it their mission to help, and they attempt to cat-nap a local moggy. But no matter how hard they try, they are foiled by cunning cats… How will the Friendliest Friends help Emilia get her wish?

Tickets are available below, be quick they won’t hang around forever.

Saturday, October 21 – WHSmith – Bluewater, Kent, UK – Tickets

Monday, October 23 – WHSmith – Chester, UK – Tickets

Wednesday, October 25 – WHSmith – Cardiff, UK – Tickets

Friday, October 27 – WHSmith – Milton Keynes, UK – Tickets

Saturday, November 11 – WHSmith – Glasgow, UK – Tickets

Friday, November 17 – Eason Donegal Place – Belfast, UK – Tickets

Saturday, November 18 – Eason Patrick Street – Cork, UK – Tickets

Sunday, November 19 – Eason O’Connell Street – Dublin, UK – Tickets

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