Fire&Lights’ Dance With You will make you wish you were with the band


It’s time to get some more boyband lit into your life, with Chris Russell’s ‘Songs About Us’. For those of you who’ve been following the trilogy thus far, you’ll already be hooked by Charlie’s story and be pining after your very own Fire&Lights band member. If you haven’t quite caught up yet, make sure you find out everything about Chris and the trilogy in our interview, here. If you’re lucky you could also be the lucky winner of a signed copy of ‘Songs About A Girl’ and ‘Songs About Us’.

Now, we can exclusively reveal the song and lyric video for Fire&Lights’ ‘Dance With You’. The track, which features heavily in the novels contains some ‘Songs About A Girl’ spoilers, so make sure you’re prepared!

Speaking about the recording process behind the song, Chris said:

I got together with a bunch of mates – all of whom are professional singers in one form or another – and recorded the track with four male vocals, just as if Fire&Lights were a real band. It was tons of fun and I’m really pleased with the finished product.

Dance With You Round of Applause
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You can download ‘Dance With You’ right now on iTunes or stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Make sure you keep up to date with all of Chris’ latest musings and fangirl breakouts on Twitter, he’s hilarious.

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