Admiring the new HEARTSTOPPER special hardcover edition

Can we have too many copies of Heartstopper? No.


We are back again with more Heartstopper content. No one should be surprised at this point, tbh.

Hachette released a special hardcover edition of Heartstopper recently and today we are ‘unboxing’ this edition. Also, given last time we visited all Alice Oseman’s book covers, it’s only fair we take a trip down the memory lane and revisit all the special editions of Heartstopper out there.

The special edition is hardcover, with no dust jacket so you can feel the great texture right away and admire the shiny foil. The monochromatic cover also gives the series a fresh touch. Flipping it open also reveals pastel pink endpapers featuring the classic Heartstopper leaves. This special edition also features a mini-comic that Alice Oseman has previously created for her site, titled “The Dream”. (To avoid spoilers, we aren’t linking it here) “The Dream” is set before Nick and Charlie’s first kiss and you definitely shouldn’t miss it if you want to see Nick and Charlie dressing in Regency era clothing (!)

Having admired this, let’s take a look at all the editions out there! Starting with official ones, back in 2021, FairyLoot created a hardcover edition that when you take off the dust jacket, you get a different cover underneath:

Then, last year, Waterstones released a paperback edition with sprayed edges. The spine and the title also look extra bright and shiny. This special edition also features a mini comic, but it’s titled Adoption, which you can read on Alice Oseman’s tumblr.

Many people have also created their own sprayed edges, which you can purchase on Etsy. Some of our favourites include: a hand-painted edition that features Nick and Charlie’s school bags on the first volume, matching the cover perfectly, a sprayed one with Nick and Charlie kissing, and ones with the classic Heartstopper leaves.

Volume 2 of the special hardcover edition created by Hachette will be released on May 11, 2023, with Volumes 3 and 4 releasing in August and October, respectively.

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