Review: ‘Lois Lane: Fallout’ by Gwenda Bond


Title: Lois Lane: Fallout

Author: Gwenda Bond

Purchase: Available now in the UK, and the US.

Overall rating: 5/5

Great for: Super sleuths

Themes: Friendships, bullying, manipulation


Review: Gwenda Bond gives us an insight into the life of the teenage Lois Lane. We find out how she has come to live in Metropolis, her family background and her online relationship with SmallvilleGuy also known as  a young Superman.

At her new school whilst trying to keep a low profile, Lois steps up to defend another student who says she is being bullied. Unknown to Lois an editor from the Daily Planet is in the room and he offers her a job as the junior reporter on the Daily Scoop. Lois takes to the job and proves to be a very capable investigative journalist and also makes some good friends on the journey.

Lois’ online relationship with SmallvilleGuy is comforting, their messages add a certain amount of texture to the story. These interactions build the early foundations for the mutual love that will bind them when they grow up. Although this is Lois’ story told through her eyes you’re able to sense the mutual respect they have for each other instantly.

Gwenda Bond’s ‘Lois Lane: Fallout’ is a fun and quick read, perfect for picking up on a dismal day. Bond manages to capture Lois’ voice, infusing her with the Lois Lane who we’ve grown to know and love. I can’t wait to read the next in the series and see what happens to Lois and her friends, and how her relationship with SmallvilleGuy progresses.

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