5 things we learned from Mamrie Hart’s I’ve Got This Round


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Mamrie Hart’s ‘I’ve Got This Round’ is our new go-to read that’s guaranteed to make your sides hurt from laughing. She’s crude but sophisticated and absolutely hilarious at the same time.

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So if you’re still yet to pick up a copy, here’s five things we learned from ‘I’ve Got This Round.’

It’s totally acceptable to drink any time on a plane and at the airport

Time zones don’t apply when you’re flying. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to order a Bloody Mary on your flight. Don’t let others let you think otherwise.

There’s nothing more sacred than your female friendships

As you get older, your girlfriends become your rock, your therapist, your sole source of empathy when it comes to dealing with the female experience of dealing in today’s world. Being able to say, “Oh my God, remember the time…” becomes less and less available as you get older and new people get cycled through your life. So it’s necessary to hold on to the good ones.

There’s a cunning code for wine

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Not sure what we’re on about? Let Mamrie explain.

Cabernet: This is your ride-or-die bitch. Super dependable.

Merlot: Merlot get a lot of shit for being a basic bitch, but that’s just because it’s popular.

Pinot Noir: This is like your skinny bitch friend. Not a lot of depth in this one.

Shiraz: This is a spicy, earth-as-hell wine that packs a punch.

Chianti/ Sangiovese: These bitches are Italian and bold as fuck.

Chardonnay: Delicious but also has an oaky, buttery vibe.

Sauvignon Blanc: A Coachella girl in a glass.

Pinot Grigio: She’s the friend you can bring to any party, any social circle, and she’s going to get along with everyone.

White Zinfandel: Put it this way… it’s not Mamrie’s favourite.

Rosé: Rosé is like that friend who’s always been a little trashy and self-deprecating, but now she’s got a British boyfriend, so she’s somehow ‘cultured’.

Mamrie’s drunken escapades will make you want to book a holiday asap

Amsterdam on 4/20 is enough for most people to experience, but throwing Dixie Chicks into the equation and a questionable from the outside abode for 3 nights – this is one of the funniest stories in the entire book.

Mamrie’s writing is just as funny as her YouTube channel

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At the h(e)art of it, Mamrie is a comedy writer and that really shines through while she’s recounting the last few years of her life jaunting around the world with her friends, weeping, swimming in tubs shaped like champagne, and drinking.

‘I’ve Got This Round’ is available to buy now in the UK and the US.

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