Divergent film series to be wrapped up quickly after poor performance of Allegiant


Potentially bad news for all Divergent fans as it looks the planned fourth film may have a blip. The third film “Allegiant” was released earlier this year and had a pretty poor reception at the box office compared to the previous films, which has caused film executives to rethink the plan for making a fourth film.

Reports today have released that they are considering wrapping up the series with a television movie, and a television series to avoid the huge costs of a blockbuster film. “The Divergent Series: Ascendant” could therefore never get a mainstream cinema release.

According to Variety, the final film was scheduled to be released in June 2017, and therefore going into production mid-2016 in Atlanta, however this seems to have changed as there is no sign of the production starting any time soon with the poor performance of the previous film.

Lionsgate, who produces the films, also has a television network so it’s clear that this could be a method of going forward if they decide to pursue the idea. However it’s unclear where a television movie would have a severe budget cut or even a change of actors. There is still an option for the film to go to a streaming network such as Netflix who would pay big money for such a high profile film.

With production meant to start soon, an official confirmation or denial should be expected soon.

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