Who is Howard Hughes? Watch the trailer for ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ to find out


20th Century Fox have recently released a trailer for upcoming film ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ and it actually looks quite good. Although I wouldn’t normally watch films like this, the fact that it’s a story based around the time of the eccentric billionaire filmmaker Howard Hughes definitely makes it a lot more interesting.

Who is Howard Hughes?

He was one of the most financially successful American entrepreneurs of his day. He first made a name for himself as a film producer who became extremely prominent in Hollywood during the late 1920s. Known for being a very controversial character, he made big budget films such as ‘Scarface’ (1932) and ‘The Outlaw’ (1943) amongst many others.

In the trailer, we get a feel of what it was like in Hollywood all those years ago. Written and directed by Warren Beatty (who plays the part of Howard Hughes), the film follows Marla Mabrey (played by Lily Collins who you’ll recognise from ‘The Blind Side’) . She lands a deal working with director Howard Hughes. We see her falling romantically in love with her limo driver Frank (played by Alden Ehrenreich, who you may recognise as he has recently been cast to star as the young Han Solo in a future ‘Star Wars’ film). Of course, there’s always a catch and as most love stories go, things are never that straight forward. Frank happens to already be engaged to another woman. Typical!

Before a recent press screening, Warren Beatty explained : “This is not a Howard Hughes biopic…it’s about sexual puritanism in the 1950s and ‘60s, around the time I got to Hollywood”.

The film is described as a romantic comedy, which gives us an insight into the life of Howard Hughes before he became infamously reclusive. I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes. Although it’s not a biopic, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how Howard Hughes is portrayed.

‘Rules Don’t Apply’ will be in UK cinemas on November 23rd.

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