Mineral Fusion is a brand you can feel good about


Mineral Fusion offers skin, hair, body, nail care and cosmetics products, but here’s what makes them great: everything is made in the U.S.A., eco-friendly and 100% vegetarian, as well as free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances. Most products are even 100% vegan, and nothing is ever tested on animals.

They recently hosted a “Beauty Tours” event at a Whole Foods supermarket south of Boston where all products were 40% off, and a rep was available to answer questions and do your makeup. I swung by to learn more about what makes their line of products so awesome.


The rep who did my makeup asked about my own skincare routine and what I look for in makeup. Since I wear a full face of makeup five days a week and live where it gets to be unbearably hot and humid in the summer, she recommended their Sheer Tint Mineral Foundation. It looks dark coming out of the tube, but goes on sheer with a dewy finish that’s build-able depending on how much coverage you need. I loved the way it felt like I was wearing nothing, unlike my current mask-like foundation—so much so that I bought a tube of my own.

She also used their blush/bronzer duo to give me a “Kardashian glow,” as she called it. (My reply was, “Always the goal.”)mineral_fusion3

A lot of Mineral Fusions products, like their lipstick tubes and brush handles, come in a gorgeous metallic copper shade that makes them stand out in your collection (and make for awesome Instagram pics).mineral_fusion4

A brand that makes products that are free of all the bad stuff you don’t want, sourced responsibly, and work well is like the ultimate trifecta. The holy grail of cosmetics. And beyond makeup, they also have gorgeous shades of nail polish, a range of haircare products, body lotions, and everything your face needs from cleansers to moisturizers to treatments.

Next time you’re at Whole Foods, check out Mineral Fusions for yourself. Everything is also available on their website.

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