Is it worth splashing out on some Joico products?


I was recently sent some Joico and Structure haircare products to test out and see if they’re worth the price tag. I actually currently use Joico’s Color Endure purple shampoo, so I was excited to see how their Moisture Recovery formula compares.


After recently bleaching my hair to within an inch of its life to get that white tone back, my hair was feeling pretty dry and a bit lifeless. So what better time than to whip out these new treats to try? It’s also worth mentioning that although I have quite a lot of hair, it’s pretty thin. This means that sometimes if a shampoo formula is too heavy, I may as well have not bothered stepping in the shower in the first place.


I’m a sucker for standing in a store and giving all the products a good sniff until I find something appealing. Joico’s Moisture Recovery shampoo and conditioner both have a subtle, refreshing scent that stayed with me, even on the second day after washing my hair.


Unlike some shampoos and conditioners that claim to add moisture to your hair, this wasn’t heavy at all. I’ve had a few problems in the past with heavy shampoos really weighing my hair down after a thorough wash, but there was no chance of that with this. Joico’s Moisture Recovery also lathers very well without having to use lots of the product.


The Joico Moisture Recovery shampoo comes in at $13.99/£10.75 for 300ml, while the Moisture Recovery conditioner comes in at $15.99/£11.55.

Marks out of 5


Joico Moisture Recovery
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Joico is a brand that I’ve grown to trust with repeated use of their products. The price point is slightly higher than high street brands but if you’re in need of a real moisture boost, it’s definitely worth it.

Joico claims that their ‘luxurious formula actually restores smoothness and elasticity to hair that’s lost its mojo.’ Even after the first use, my hair was feeling noticeably smoother and healthier, this continued with repeated washes. Unlike other shampoos which have similar claims, my hair still felt clean the next day and this didn’t leave an oily residue.

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