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Nine Lives is going to be THAT film this Summer

Before you judge, this isn’t a typical kids film, this is shaping up to be not a bad watch. ‘Nine Lives’ follows the story of Tom Brand who is a hugely successful billionaire and has over time neglected his family, especially his daughter. One day, on his daughters birthday, he manages to get his mind in the body of a cat… The film then follows how he must get back to his family and realise how life truly is like for them without him. And then of course presumably there is a soppy happy ending BUT who cares?

Think of the film as a Freaky Friday/Click hybrid. Except this time it’s with animals… and a billionaire. Look, just have a watch of the trailer because this film honestly does look like a corker and one that you might have stuck in your DVD cupboard for years to come.

A brand new clip has been revealed which gives a bit more of an insight into the film, and a further insight into what life really is like if you happen to become a cat following a freak accident… should that ever happen.

We can see Tom attempting to communicate with his family by writing a note, except the result is exactly how you’d imagine a cat’s handwriting to look – not exactly legible.

Nine Lives is in cinemas on August 17th.