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Review: ‘The Sign of One’ by Eugene Lambert

Title: The Sign Of One

Author: Eugene Lambert

Purchase: Available now in the UK and the US.

Overall rating: 4/5

Great for: Sci-fi fans, adventure seekers

Themes: Acceptance of individuality, dystopian thriller


‘The Sign of One’ starts with two identical twins having the tops of their small finger cut off, but don’t be put off by the initial blast of weirdness, as you’ll be rewarded by this well-written sci-fi thriller with a twist and you’ll be immersed in Kyles world of Wrath.

Kylie is a likeable protagonist who lives with his mother Rona in the Barrenlands, she’s a healer and fixes anything mechanical. The people of Wrath believe that identical twins known as ‘idents’ have one good and one evil twin, referred to as ‘twists’.

Once a year they hold a peace fair where they show off the idents before they have an unwrapping ceremony, it’s at this gathering where Kyle meets Sky who has an abundance of spirit and fight that make her the perfect female lead.

The leader of Wrath, The Saviour has drummed into people’s heads that idents are dangerous, not human and want to run the world. The society they live in is based on a web of deceit, lies and evil manipulations. Things take a turn when we learn that Kyle is himself an ident and we follow him on a journey to find out who he is, and where his twin brother Colm is hiding.

Eugene Lambert paints a vivid picture of a bleak and unforgiving landscape where danger lies around every corner, and your reluctance to put this book down is tested to the limit. The perfect first instalment from Lambert which would make the most gripping dystopian thriller at the cinema.

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