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13 of the best tweets from ‘The Great British Bake Off’ that gave us life

So, it’s official. Mary and Paul are back along with ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and truly defines us as a nation. This is who we truly are and it really shows in our tweets the true personality of your average Brit while watching such an intense competition as GBBO. Here are some of the best after the premiere of season 7.


We’d pay to see her.

Here begins a new series of innuendos. Can’t wait.

Some people are calling out the kiss ups right out.

Vicky sparked anger in the nation with the whole “is jaffa cake a cake or buscuit?” debate…


We may not be Gordon Ramsay but we know our cakes, matey.

It’s only week one and people are just jumping straight into the deep end.

The entire jaffa cake round caused so much stress to the country, if we’re being honest…

It seems as though Selasi is the GBBO hottie this season and people are willing to fight for him.


There seems to be favouritism going on already…

More innuendos, anyone?

She may seem innocent on TV, but on Twitter it seems Mary is a total rebel.

So, if you didn’t this week, make sure you log onto Twitter during next week’s episode where the banter truly takes place.

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