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Verity Harris

Co-founder & U.K. Editordsc_0986

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Verity is a twenty-something who still doesn’t want to admit it. When she’s not obsessing over her cat, she can be found binge watching Netflix shows she should have watched 7 years ago, or trying not to eat copious amounts of pizza. 

Location: London, England
Song that makes you happy no matter what: Fleetwood Mac – ‘Don’t Stop’
Passionate about: Snacks, pop music and dachshunds
Career aspirations: To build a forward-thinking platform for millennials in the UK and the US. I want to create a company that people love working for, and where they can showcase their talents.
Most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you: Harry Styles’ hair went in my mouth.


Jackie Kolgraf

Co-founder & U.S. Editor

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Jackie is a current grad student and freelance writer, and she heads up the stateside half of United By Pop. She’s known for taking too many photos of her dogs (is there such a thing?) and buying too many pairs of shoes (same question applies). And no matter what year it is that you’re reading this, yes, the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Song that makes you happy no matter what: One Direction – ‘Kiss You’
Passionate about: 2000’s music, dogs with long bodies and short legs, snow days
Career aspirations: Online journalism domination etc. etc.
Most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you: Louis Tomlinson seeing we were wearing the same shirt from on stage in Montreal.


Dannii Elle

Contributor – Books

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Dannii has, is, and always will be obsessed with books. When she’s not reading books or attempting to write her own, she can be found obsessing over her ever-growing tbr pile or awkwardly taking outdoor photos of books for her Instagram account.

Location: The Shire, AKA South Wales, UK
Song that makes you happy no matter what: Fall Out Boy – ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ (I’m still not over my teenage emo days)
Passionate about: Reading books, writing books, buying books, reviewing books, tweeting about books, taking photos of books… books.
Career aspirations: To become a published novelist.
Most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you: Graduating from my Master’s degree in Literature, Culture and Society.


Hayley Smith

Contributor – Music
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Hayley is a mid-twenties music obsessive with an ever changing hair colour. She’s happiest when at a gig or a festival, loves a dog in a jumper and hates staying inside.

Location: London, England
Song that makes you happy no matter what: Goonies Never Say Die – ‘Set Your Goals’
Passionate about: Live music, pizza, records and dogs.
Career aspirations: To be passionate about what I do and enjoy going to work every day.
Most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you: Once I sat on an elephants back in a bloody waterfall. That was pretty nuts.

Jazmin Williams

Contributor – Music, Style

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Jazz is a Disney and tea enthusiast who is passionate about One Direction, Olly Murs, 5SOS and Little Mix. With her bizarre enthusiastic imagination, she’s often working on some kind of project, which often links to charity work. Writing for UBP allows her two loves of writing and pop culture to combine as one.

Location: South Wales, UK
Song that makes you happy no matter what: Little Mix – ‘Salute’
Passionate about: Disney, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and pop culture
Career aspirations: To become a pop culture journalist that gets to travel the world and experiences the glitz and glam of showbiz.
Most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you: Olly Murs was my first kiss.

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